Social Clubs and Activities in June

As we step into the summer and into the final phase of the government's roadmap to ease restrictions, we’re very excited to revive our Face-to-Face Social Clubs. South London Cares is back in-person, what a month we have planned for you! We're also continuing to run our Virtual Social Club programme, and this month sees the launch of our newly renamed #AllTogether Activity Packs.

All of our activities are free to join. However, younger neighbours must first complete an induction, and older neighbours need to book in advance, so please call us on 0207 118 0404 if you would like to attend.

All our face-to-face activities will follow strict safety measures to ensure everyone has a comfortable and safe experience. Please also read our face-to-face safety guidelines before you come along.

They are now more accessible than ever, with four different ways to join in the fun:

1. Attend a face-to-face club (marked 👫 in the list below). Please call 0207 118 0404 to book a place or arrange an induction.

2. Take part using a computer, tablet or a smartphone with an internet connection (marked 💻 in the list below). If you’ve got access to the internet at home, you just need to download Zoom to join, which we can support with if you get in touch.

3. Take part by dialling in using a phone (marked 📞 in the list below). If you’ve got a landline or mobile phone, you can join some of our clubs by just calling in.

4. We can phone you directly from any of our phone accessible clubs. So, if you are worried about following the instructions, let us know, and we’ll arrange to call you just before the club starts.

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👫 Thursday 3rd June, Lambeth Park Adventures

Join us for our first large group face-to-face outdoor club in one of Lambeth’s most beautiful parks. We’ll be spending some time together and sharing conversation before we try our hand at some park based activities. There’s lots of fun to be had, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the sun will be out! There’ll be two slots for you to choose from, so we can safely have lots of neighbours attend on the day.

💻 Friday 4th June, 12-1pm: Virtual Disco Dance


Have you ever imagined yourself as a dancer on the iconic ‘Top of the Pops’ TV show? We’ll be joined by a professional dancer who will teach us the dance steps used by pop stars, so get your dancing shoes on and get ready to release your inner disco diva on your living room dance floor. No experience necessary, all abilities are welcome!

Did you know that Virtual Dance Clubs are one of South London Cares’ highest attended clubs? There’s a very good reason why, which you can find out in our blog "Dance Like Nobody's Watching".

💻 Sunday 6th June, 2-4:30pm: Virtual Film Club

We’ll be revisiting dangerous waters, with the sequel documentary ‘SharkWater Extinction’. Follow filmmaker Rob Stewart on a thrilling and inspiring action-packed journey to expose the illegal and violent world of shark finning.

💻 📞 Tuesday 8th June, 2:30-3:30pm: Virtual Crossword Club

Join your neighbours and release your inner 'puzzle person, engage your mind and have a pop at a crossword. No need to be a crossword connoisseur: everyone is welcome.

💻 📞 Wednesday 9th June, 12-1pm: Virtual Technology Workshop

Want to improve your confidence with your phone, tablet or laptop? Join our Zoom chat with your gadgets and bring your technology-related questions with you.

📞 Thursday 10th June, 2:30-3:30pm: Virtual Coffee & Catch Up

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Grab a cuppa and dial in for an hour of chatting and sharing stories with your younger neighbours. This month we will be talking about our ‘favourite spots in London’.

Our Phone Social Clubs have been a huge success in 2021, and you can learn exactly why in our recent blog "Hanging on the telephone".

👫 Friday 11th June, Ebony Horse Club — Brixton

Neigh need to rein in your excitement as we take a visit to the ‘Ebony Horse Club’ to pay a visit to your NEIGHHHbours! Groom, pet and horse around with their resident mares and learn all about stable life. Places will be allocated through a lottery. We will draw names at random on Thursday 4th June and only contact you if you’ve got a place.

💻 📞 Monday 14th June, 11:20am-12:30pm: Chair Yoga + Meditation

Uncrank that neck and join your neighbours for some gentle stretching and calming breathing, all from the comfort of your own home.

💻 Wednesday 16th June, 5:30-6:45pm: Virtual Script Reading

Join your neighbours as we bring to life the story and woes of comedy heroin ‘Miranda’. A much-loved TV show that ran for four seasons, we’ll be getting our hands on an episode to enjoy reading together. Expect lots of laughter as Miranda navigates life as a single woman with her overbearing mother and her serious best friend who works with her in her newly purchased joke shop. This hilarious comedy will have you rolling around in fits of giggles.

👫 Thursday 17th June, Southwark Park Adventures

Join us for our first large group face-to-face outdoor club in one of Southwark’s most beautiful parks. We’ll be spending some time together and sharing conversation before we try our hand at some park based activities. There’s lots of fun to be had, and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the sun will be out.

Even if the weather is not playing ball, fun will still be had. Don't believe us? Check out this video to see the joy experienced at our first face-to-face club in Southwark for over a year!

💻 Friday 18th June, 12:00-1:00pm: Virtual Gardeners Club

Greenfingers Unite! Join your fellow plant-loving neighbours for a session about all things gardening. Whether you have plants on the windowsill or a fully-fledged garden, get ready to show off what you’ve been growing and learn some tips and tricks along the way.

👫 Tuesday 22nd June, Desert Island Discs — Walworth

Like the radio show of its namesake, come with a song in mind and why it’s meaningful to you, or just listen and enjoy the tunes! No need to bring any records/CDs with you, just the name of the song and artist. This month’s theme is ‘Fresh Starts’.

💻 📞 Wednesday 23rd June, 5:30-7pm: Virtual Quiz Club

Embrace the healing properties of mindless trivia and join your neighbours for our Virtual Quiz Club.

Check out May's Quiz Club, which came down to a tie-break quickfire round!

💻 📞 Thursday 24th June, 6:30-7:30pm: Virtual Glastonbury Unplugged Live Lounge

Join your neighbours from around the UK for a special Cares Family Glastonbury Live Lounge! The world-famous festival isn't going ahead this year, so let's come together for our own virtual festival and watch a live performance of Glastonbury Classics. Feel free to dress up in your most spangly clothes and dance along with songs from the artists!

💻 Friday 25th June, 12-1pm: Virtual London Super Sewer Talk

Did you know that London’s sewage system was made over 150 years ago for a city that’s half the size as it is now? That’s why it can’t cope with the demand and regularly leaks into the Thames. Join us as we hear from ‘Tideway’, the company responsible for building London’s ‘super sewer’ and find out about their plans clean up the Thames for the good of the city, the wildlife and the people.

💻 Wednesday 29th June, 4:30-5:30pm: Virtual Sofa Singing

Spark some joy and join your neighbours for an evening of sing-song, straight from your sofa.

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As social distancing restrictions are easing and we are once again socialising more freely, we have renamed our Activity Packs #AllTogether. The content is very much the same — full of challenges and tasks to keep you occupied on those days you are enjoying some quiet time in the knowledge your neighbours are never far away.

June's inaugural #AllTogether pack celebrates World Environment Day, Summer Solstice and World Oceans Day. It encourages you to spend time in a garden, as well as admiring London's bridges and includes a word search and a quiz.

Join in the fun by downloading the pack here. Please do share with your friends, family, neighbours, tenants, patients, clients, grandparents and anyone else you think might enjoy a little bit of fun in 2021!

We’d love to include your ideas and completed tasks in our monthly pack, so please continue sending them to [email protected].


Should you have any questions about the clubs or would like to find out more about any of our programmes, then please call us on 0207 118 0404. If you would like to attend or face to face activities then please read our guidelines.

If you would like to refer an older neighbour to our programmes, then please complete our online referral form.

And, if you are a younger neighbour and would like to get involved in our programmes, please complete this online form.

We hope to see you soon!

Matt Scaysbrook

Posted by Matt Scaysbrook on Wednesday 26th May 2021

Matt manages our growing volunteer network and leads on reaching older south Londoners - introducing them to South London Cares and our programmes.