About Us

South London Cares is a community network of young professionals in their 20s and 30s and older neighbours over 65 hanging out with and helping one another in a rapidly changing city: to reduce loneliness and isolation, improve connections, resilience, skills and confidence, and to bridge the gaps across generational and social divides.

We do this because our communities are changing right in front of our eyes. Trends such as globalisation, gentrification, digitisation, migration and the housing bubble are transforming our city at a rapid pace. That leaves many older people over 65 – who have lived in south London much of their lives –with deep roots but no connections, while young professionals often have hundreds of connections but few roots.

South London Cares' Social Clubs and Love Your Neighbour project bring these two groups together to share time, laughter and connections for the benefit of all.

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Our activities create relationships that might not occur naturally to help people build networks. Regular Social Clubs include big dances, brunches, technology workshops, arts and craft clubs and games nights. Our one-to-one Love Your Neighbour project is home based, with young professionals sharing a cup of tea or helping neighbours with small practical tasks. With all of our activity, we aim to make older neighbours feel more valued, vibrant and visible.

How we work

South London Cares operates at the intersection of the public, private and community sectors. Together with Southwark and Lambeth Councils, local businesses, other charities and social enterprises in the voluntary sector, healthcare providers and commissioners, community groups and individuals, South London Cares' projects break down many of the modern-day barriers to social interaction to bring our communities closer together.

South London Cares' dynamic programmes:

  • Provide extra help for our more isolated neighbours by building trusted local support networks;
  • Create exciting opportunities for people to share time, skills, stories, cultural exchange, food and friendship;
  • Facilitate a resurgence of neighbourliness within – and across – Southwark and Lambeth;
  • Make it simple, quick and hassle-free for young professionals to get to know their older neighbours.

That’s why our tagline is “connecting people, building communities”.

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