A community network of young professionals and older neighbours hanging out and helping one another in our rapidly changing city.

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Staying connected in a disconnecting time

With economic and social isolation deepening segregation between younger and older people, there's never been a more important time to build solidarity between generations. Please support our work bringing older and younger neighbours together so everyone can feel part of a changing world, rather than left behind by it.

Support intergenerational connections this summer

It can be difficult to know how to help your community during a crisis. But by donating to South London Cares, you can help us to help older and younger people to stay connected in a disconnecting time.

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Our Stories

Transitioning to ZOOM

Posted by Enoch Adolfo

Ever wondered what it's like to get an older neighbour set up on Zoom? As we transition to virtual social clubs, we invite you to share in the experience.

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