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From 2014 to 2023, South London Cares connected older and younger neighbours to reduce loneliness and bridge intergenerational polarisation

The impact we made

For 12 years, we worked to nurture socially connected communities in which people felt less lonely, more united and that they belong

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And we helped inspire a movement of people building community across the UK through simple relationships and a proactive approach

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We closed in November 2023 with a proud legacy, hope in the future and a sense of what's possible

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Syed's 100 Clubs

by South London Cares

Younger Neighbour Syed is a massive, massive part of the South London Cares family. His energy, passion and love for SLC is so infectious and it's not a social club party unless he's there! Syed is about to attend his 100th club so we caught up with him to celebrate this incredible milestone and talk about why this community means so much to him.

Rita And Laura On Filming Day 2

You've Got a Friend in Me

by South London Cares

Having friends is a positive and important aspect of navigating life. It’s been found through research that friendship can help improve our health, reduce stress, increase feelings of belonging, and do wonders for our confidence. Sounds great right? But have you ever thought about what friendship means to you? What makes a good friend?

Alex and Loretta

Alex and Loretta's friendship

by South London Cares

Alex (31) and Loretta (66) have been matched on our Love Your Neighbour programme for six months now, and recently put something together to reflect on their experience so far, and what they've gained from their friendship 💕 Watch their video here!