The difference we make

Did you know that loneliness has been shown to be as bad for people's health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, and twice as dangerous for older people as as obesity?

Isolation and loneliness are growing challenges in our communities – particularly in our capital where trends like globalisation, gentrification, migration, digitalisation the London housing bubble are rapidly changing previously familiar neighbourhoods, perpetuating anonymity and anxiety.

South London Cares tackles the isolation of the modern city at the root.

Our dynamic community network brings together older neighbours and young professionals, who may not normally interact, to spend time, to build authentic relationships and to share experiences which help all participants stay valued, vibrant and visible in this rapidly changing world.


Our three key objectives are:

  • Reducing loneliness and isolation amongst older people over 65 (and younger people alike);
  • Improving the wellbeing, confidence and resilience of participants so they can navigate a rapidly changing world;
  • Bringing people together across social and generational divides.

“Meeting you all is giving me a new lease of life. The weekends are a lonesome time for me. I go up and down. When I’m with you all, I go up.” Richard, 81

"I love people to stop by and chat. I'm feeling a lot less isolated - this city has become very lonely. I now feel a bit more connected to the younger generation." Margaret, 85


And the younger volunteers who participate with SLC benefit too:

"I don’t otherwise meet or get to know older neighbours where I live. It’s great fun and a reminder for me to take the time to hang out with people from different generations. It's a great way to take time out." Georgina, 32

You can meet some of the amazing older and younger neighbours who are part of the South London Cares network by clicking on the links below...

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