A south London love story

Tiger Night Zoe

Volunteer Zoe and fiance Ben - local to south London - got married in  May. To mark the special day, they decided to ask friends, colleagues and family to celebrate not only their fresh new start as a couple, but their community, too – by giving a donation to South London Cares.

Instead of being inundated by gifts for the home, or money towards a honeymoon, Zoe and Ben raised over £1,072.50 towards Social Clubs in their patch, helping friendships to forge this summer in Brixton, Bermondsey and beyond.

Tiger Night

A couple of weeks after Zoe and Ben decided to support us in this wonderful way, we received an email from Alice, Zoe’s pal.

Because Zoe and Ben are massive board games fans, Alice and six friends decided to give them a particularly  memorable wedding present: a special beer and boardgames Social Club organised in their honour.

Alice, Jo, Lorna, Charlotte, Milind, Laura, Kyle, Claudia, Kate, Ana, Rach, Mark, Marco, Leif, Laura, Ketan raised £325, funding not only a one-off celebratory event at The Tiger in Camberwell, but also helping us to fund three more similar events in the pub.

Tiger Night2

This was  a surprise for Zoe and Ben, who on July 3rd, were taken to The Tiger for a pint with a couple of friends, and found themselves to be the guests of honour of the evening

As you can see from the pictures, the surprise was a huge success. There were smiles, hugs, and very few  arguments over winning and losing.

Ben and Zoe shared laughter, stories and created memories with their neighbours, , and in turn, their neighbours got to enjoy a special evening of chats, friendly competition , and mischief.

Thanks Zoe, Ben, and Alice for this wonderful idea! And if you’d like to mark a special occasion with a donation to South London Cares, you can contact Emily.

Valeria Valotto

Posted by Valeria Valotto on Friday 11th August 2017

Valeria is South London Cares' Development Coordinator

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