"What better motivation to start training?"

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I started to volunteer with South London Cares because I wanted to connect a bit more with the people in my community. Also, I can't spend as much time as I would like with my grandparents, so this is a charity that's very close to my heart.

During the volunteer induction, I found out that I could support South London Cares by taking part in races like the Hackney Half marathon – so I jumped at the chance (and into my running shoes). A good personal challenge for me, and an incredible charity to support. What better motivation to start training?

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The team were so supportive during the whole training period. I was thrilled when I received a little video of support from the neighbours a couple of days before the race, wishing me luck. Thinking of that video, and all the people involved, and those who came to support, really helped me carry on during the race (even when I thought my legs were going to fall off). 

There's something really special in knowing that what you're doing can make a difference – even if it's small – to someone else's life.

During the training and after the race, I've also been to a couple of socials (mainly dancing ones) and met a lot of wonderful people. I've also been able to practice my Español, which was a bonus.  I can't wait to get involved in more clubs!

This experience brought me so much joy, and I'm so grateful I joined South London Cares. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.

Coco :)

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Corentin Bourret

Posted by Corentin Bourret on Thursday 6th June 2019

Corentin has been fundraising and volunteering for South London cares since the beginning of 2019.

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