Interview With A Neighbour

Iwan Ep 1

In a recent series of interviews, we had the privilege of delving into the lives of three remarkable individuals: Anne Lawrence, Peter Whitehouse, and Lyn Vickers. Their stories are windows into different eras, perspectives, and the changing landscapes of community and society.

With a warm smile and a twinkle in her eye, Anne Lawrence took us back to her childhood. She vividly recalled her father's determination, to move their belongings from Lambeth to Kennington in a humble wheelbarrow. Anne's memories danced through the streets of a bygone era when neighbours were like family; even the local 'Bobby' was a familiar face. Anne’s love for people would see her go from working in the community to a long-standing career as a community youth worker.

Peter Whitehouse's recollections led us through the pages of history. His earliest memory painted the sky with a German warplane during World War II. A sense of missed opportunities with his father cast a shadow, but Peter's journey evolved, guiding him from teaching to the noble realm of special needs education. Amidst his tales, a heartwarming love story emerged. While working at a school in a residential unit for people with severe autism, he had a new assistant who, when the school was threatened with closure, he asked to move in with him. She said yes and they were together for 25 years before she sadly passed away.

Lyn Vickers, the paper girl with an enchanting past, shared her delightful encounters. A chance glimpse of Boris Karloff left her running home, mistaking him for his horror movie characters. Through a life rich with experiences, Lyn distilled wisdom: the secret to happiness lies in embracing oneself, not taking life's curveballs personally, and fostering harmonious relationships. Her desire to be remembered for how she touched lives is a testament to her impact.

These interviews serve as a testament to the richness of human experiences and the importance of bridging the gap between generations. Interview With a Neighbour celebrates the power of storytelling, connecting the past and present, fostering understanding, and building an enduring sense of community.

Dupé Craig

Posted by Dupé Craig on Tuesday 15th August 2023

Dupé is a Programme Coordinator on our Social Clubs programme.