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Eight years ago this month, amid rioting in our city, our sibling charity North London Cares opened. Three years later, South London Cares became the proud second branch of The Cares Family. Today, that family is growing – with Manchester Cares and Liverpool Cares already part of the clan and East London Cares coming soon. 

Here at South London Cares, we’re very proud to be part of that family. Together, we’ve mobilised 16,500 older and younger neighbours like you to share time, laughter and new experiences through 400,000 interactions across the generations. 

Those relationships have meant so much: our recent evaluation showed that by being involved you have helped to reduce loneliness, improve understanding across generational lines and create a sense of belonging, even in a time of change. 

So in this special month, in which South London Cares will celebrate turning five and The Cares Family will turn eight, we wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your stories with your neighbours, for creating so much laughter, and for helping others to feel part of our changing city, rather than left behind by it. 

And we wanted to share our new animation which shows why what you do matters so much.

To help the celebrations going year round, can you support South London Cares with a donation of £5 a month?

Alex Smith

Posted by Alex Smith on Wednesday 7th August 2019

Alex is SLC's founder and CEO.

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