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At South London Cares, we love bringing people together. Events are not only the perfect way to share a laugh with friends, but are also a great way to raise funds, awareness and support of South London Cares.

Below are three popular fundraising events, told from the supporters themselves, and an A-Z of fundraising ideas.

Bake Sale

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Fact - everyone loves cake. Bake sales are a tasty way to raise funds for South London Cares. A bunch of volunteers did that in April and raised over £1,400! You could even go the extra mile and host a Bake Off competition!

Download your bake sale fundraising pack here!

Pub Quiz

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A bit of competitiveness can be a good thing. Over a pint and quiz, it certainly is! We had a blast celebrating our 1st birthday with a pub quiz at The Dogstar. Why not give one a go too?

Download your Pub Quiz fundraising guide here!

Clothes Swap

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Get together some friends. Dig out those loved but forgotten items of clothing. Begin bidding. A clothes swap is a fun way to refresh your wardrobe and fight fast fashion while raising some funds for South London Cares. Volunteer Iana explains how. 

Download your Clothes Swap fundraising pack here!

Fundraising A-Z


Keen to raise funds, but don’t know where to start? Never fear! The SLC team has come up with an A-Z of fundraising ideas; small things that can make a big difference. From baking brownies, to a football match you can support South London Cares in more ways than you think! Download the Fundraising A-Z here.


Ready to get going? Or have a few questions? Drop Johanna an email. She'll help you reach your fundraising goal, offer hints and tips and help you spread the word.

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