Legacy giving

Did you know that South London Cares is a charity?

Without the sustained generosity of our supporters, partners and sponsors, we'd not be able to continue.


Bequests from individuals will help ensure the future work of South London Cares. Legacies will not be used to expand our administration, but will exclusively benefit and develop our core activities.

By remembering South London Cares in your Will, you will help fund our social clubs and Love Your Neighbour project, allowing your neighbours feel valued, vibrant and visible for years to come.

After family and friends are looked after, you could choose to leave a pecuniary legacy (a specific sum of money) a residuary legacy (the remnants of your estate) or a percentage of your remaining estate to South London Cares. Legacies to charities are tax-free and therefore by leaving a gift to South London Cares, your tax bill may be reduced.

You may request a specific use for your legacy – such as to help fund a specific social club, borough or activity – or allow South London Cares to decide how the gift is used so it can be put to best use when received. If you wish to designate your gift towards a specific area of our work, please discuss this with us and then specify it in your Will.

Any gift would be generously received and greatly appreciated.

Please contact Ellenor (Director of Development) for more information: [email protected] or give us a ring on 0207 118 0404.

You are advised to speak to your solicitor when considering leaving a legacy to South London Cares so they can offer you professional advice regarding your personal estate.