Trusts and foundations


Grants from Trusts and Foundations are vital for us to build a connected community in Southwark and Lambeth, tackling isolation and loneliness for those most at risk.

Thanks to generous awards, we can provide regular social opportunities for neighbours to share time and new experiences, in groups at Social Clubs, and as part of long-term one-to-one friendships. Find out more about our programmes here.

Impact and reporting

Our partners are investing in a proven model that has demonstrated impact through two independent evaluations. It was found that for those who regularly participate in our activities:

  • 73% of older neighbours feel less isolated;
  • 86% of older neighbours feel more able to appreciate the world;
  • 98% of younger neighbours feel they have a greater connection to their community;
  • 97% of younger neighbours felt that they were more able to appreciate older people.

We have a dedicated Head of Impact and Learning to monitor neighbours’ experiences in a way that is robust and person-centred. And we create bespoke reports and share authentic stories to demonstrate the significant value of each and every grant award.

Read more about our impact.

Unrestricted funding

Trusts and foundations often support the direct delivery of our activities, but unrestricted grants provide vital flexibility to develop our strategy, innovate, plan ahead and adapt to the changing needs of our community.

Experience our programmes

The best way to realise the impact of our programmes is to experience the joy, laughter and fun, first-hand. We invite Trustees and Grant Managers to join our social clubs, chat with neighbours and our staff teams and get a real taste of the magic.

If you’re a representative of a trust or foundation and would like to hear more about our work or see it in action, feel free to get in touch!

Useful links

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  • Read about our trustees here.