Syed's 100 Clubs

Posted by Andy Naylor on Tuesday 24th October 2023

Younger Neighbour Syed is a massive, massive part of the South London Cares family. His energy, passion and love for SLC is so infectious and it's not a social club party unless he's there! Syed is about to attend his 100th club so we caught up with him to celebrate this incredible milestone and talk about why this community means so much to him.

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Alex and Loretta's friendship

Posted by Lauren Barr on Wednesday 11th October 2023

Alex (31) and Loretta (66) have been matched on our Love Your Neighbour programme for six months now, and recently put something together to reflect on their experience so far, and what they've gained from their friendship 💕 Watch their video here!

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Introducing Julia - our new Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

Posted by Julia Brow on Wednesday 6th September 2023

Julia is our outreach and engagement co-ordinator responsible for welcoming new neighbours to South London Cares, strengthening and establishing new relationships with community partners and leading on our proactive outreach. Julia has lived in south Lambeth for several years. Outside work, she loves going to the cinema, watching live music, and befriending every cat and dog she meets.

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“Food brings people together”: three years of Zena and Steph’s foodie friendship

Posted by Lauren Barr on Wednesday 30th August 2023

Older neighbour Zena (85) and younger neighbour Steph (30) have been matched on our Love Your Neighbour programme for over three years now, and have spent an incredible 130 hours chatting together. Over the years, we couldn't help but notice a running theme in their weekly conversations. This pair have clearly got one thing on their minds: food. So we thought it was about time to investigate their shared gastronomical passion (and see if we got any snacks along the way!)

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Interview With A Neighbour

Posted by Dupé Craig on Tuesday 15th August 2023

Imagine a space where the threads of time are woven through shared stories, where generations bridge the gaps and create a tapestry of connections. Welcome to the world of "Interview With a Neighbour," a unique club that brings the wisdom and experiences of older and younger generations into focus.

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Fancy running a club?

Posted by Fleur Finch on Thursday 20th April 2023

A few months ago, we started a brand-new club, called Language Club! Language Club is a fun opportunity for neighbours come together and learn basic phrases of a new language, and to gain further insight into different cultures.

In first few sessions of Language Club, we were lucky enough to learn some Mandarin Chinese from our wonderful younger neighbour Yulin. We spoke to Yulin about her experiences running Language Club...

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Syed's Guide To Social Clubs

Posted by Andy Naylor on Monday 20th March 2023

Syed has been coming to South London Cares events for over seven years and has attended a massive 85 Social Clubs! He's a massive part of our community and we are so grateful for his energy, passion, warmth and amazing dance skills! During a recent walk Syed recorded a Vlog for us all about Social Clubs and why he loves them so much, check his videos out here!

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