Eustelle: a woman on the go

Posted by Jodie Goffe on Tuesday 17th September 2019

"I am always on the go!" Older neighbour Eustelle has the secret to a happy life: don't stop moving! Hear all about how she keeps busy in this month's storytelling blog. 

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The Becky smile

Posted by Johanna Brooks on Thursday 15th August 2019

As soon she opens the door, Becky greets me with a broad, sunny smile. It's the kind of smile that you can't help smiling back at. It's the Becky smile.

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We couldn't do this without you

Posted by Alex Smith on Wednesday 7th August 2019

Eight years ago this month, amid rioting, our sibling charity North London Cares opened. Three years later, South London Cares became the proud second branch of The Cares Family. Today, that family is growing – with Manchester Cares and Liverpool Cares already part of the clan and East London Cares coming soon. 

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Gerry's yarns

Posted by Johanna Brooks on Wednesday 17th July 2019

"Oh, a little turn like that is nothing!" Gerry is originally from the Republic of Ireland, County Offaly. He moved to London in the early '80s, and he places huge value on community - a quality that shines through in his neighbourly character.  

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